work in Dataways

Our company, investing in human resources, has staffed a team with top expertise and experience, capable of designing, implementing and supporting projects of particular complexity and high demands.

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    We are proud of our people as they are our main differentiator. By utilizing their wide range of expertise and experience we have managed to be a leading company in the Greek ICT sector for 20 years.

    Our company is a purely technological company and our team (we are particularly happy that it is constantly growing) consists mainly of people from the IT sector.

    Our team works as a whole, like a big family. Each team member brings a unique set of personal characteristics and professional expertise to the table. Pluralism of opinion is something that is not only welcomed and respected by our company, but encouraged on a daily basis.

    Our ultimate goal is to welcome to our team people qualified on the responsibilities they will be given, who share the same values and philosophy as us.

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