The optimal collaboration solution for the SME

iNODE is Dataways’ modular software platform that simplifies the daily operations of every company by fully
covering its basic digital business needs offering not only a robust but also a fully private solution.


By replacing the operation of a set of software applications and devices, iNODE enables a company to privately run corporate services such as Email, File Sharing, Collaboration, File server Antivirus, VPN, Proxy & Fax, saving significant resources and money.


iNODE is provided either as a Software product or as a SaaS subscription service on Cyano Cloud. It can be easily installed on a physical machine, small server (or even PC) or virtual machine (on all known hypervisors, vmware, hypeV, xen server, free bsd), with minimal resources required.

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With more than a decade of continuous growth and 2,500+ installations in 5 countries, and with a team of expert engineers always ready to provide personalized, consistent and efficient support, iNODE is a powerful solution for all small and medium-sized businesses.

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