iNODE Applications

On-Premise & Cloud

iNODE enables you to choose from a smart set of applications, exactly those that serve your business needs. The Basic Platform of the system includes the capabilities for Routing, LDAP, DHCP, NAT, Firewall and optionally there is the possibility to activate all additional functions.


Whatever number or combination of additional applications you choose, you can select and manage them through a unified management environment, making it an ideal solution for any IT team.


Whether on-premise or in the cloud, iNODE Email Server is a proven, secure and completely private email solution with unparalleled ease of installation, management and real-time system monitoring by the IT Admin.


With just a few minutes of implementation, iNODE VPN Server is a flexible solution with full L2TP, IPSec & OpenVPN features that ensures secure site-to-site connection and remote access to the employees of any business.


The File Server provides File Sharing with access and permission control depending on the user/group. The system can function as a windows domain controller or Active Directory Member Server.


Boost your team’s performance wherever they are, whatever devices they use, with smart features like folder sharing, collaborative document editing, chatting, video & voice calling and project management tools.


Strong and modern protection for your corporate email. The service checks every email that passes through the system and then through a series of intelligent algorithms decides whether it should be delivered properly, rejected or quarantined.


With security built at the core of it’s every service, iNODE is designed to protect the networks it interconnects by providing a range of network security solutions.


A reliable and proven solution that fully meets the FAX needs of every company. The iNODE Fax Server is designed for wide use in a network environment for both sending and receiving fax messages.

Start today with iNODE

iNODE is developed by Dataways’ R&D lab and is supported by a constantly growing and dedicated team of engineers who are constantly enriching the platform with new features and cutting-edge capabilities.

With more than a decade of continuous development, the platform has over 2,500 installations both in Greece and abroad, making it a powerful solution for all small and medium businesses.

The iNODE team of expert engineers is always available to provide personalized, consistent and efficient support to each customer.
You can experience the easy-to-use management console and all iNODE’s features in the online demo.

Explore the full functionality of the platform by installing it, completely free of charge, for one month on your company’s infrastructure.

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