Videoconferencing allows real-time audio and video communication between two or more end points. The implementation of such solution aims to ease communication, promote imminence and proximity, cost cutting, increase activity and productivity. While Videoconferencing are now part of a Unified Communications Solution we can still provide with customized and dedicated Room to Room or Person to Room videoconferencing solutions either point to point or point to multiple multipoint

The provided videoconferencing services are usually divided into two categories:

  • Special Personal or Group or Room Videoconferencing systems
  • PC based Web conferencing solutions using cloud services

Implementation may include interfacing with existing systems for maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness, as well as cooperation with infrastructures located in public networks, for maximum availability and accessibility.

The solutions we propose include:

  • Storage Systems
  • Server infrastructure
    • Virtualization
    • DR systems
    • Security systems
    • Network Infrastructure (Wired and Wireless)
    • Collaboration systems