Internet Leased lines

This service involves the physical connection required for the completion of corporate Internet access.  The network access can be on an nx1Mbps connectivity mode, at a fixed unlimited use for a monthly fee together with a service level agreement (SLA). To provide this service, we choose the most appropriate links according to availability at the customer’s site and the type of service to be provided through such access. To achieve this, we use Metro Ethernet lines through optical fibres, wireless lines, wired xDSL access lines etc. These lines are dedicated for corporate usage and offer dedicated internet access, speed, reliability and consequently full functionality. At the same time, we provide suitable backup access lines, to ensure an uninterrupted service even in the event of a malfunction of the basic link.

This set of solutions includes direct lines between two points (point-to-point) of a business, primarily serving internal company data and voice exchange communication.

High Quality Internet Access

IP Transit via Dataways’ network, offers top-quality features for corporate internet access, including:

    • premium service quality guaranteed, based on criteria such as response times, jitter and packet loss all included and recorded in a Service Level Agreement
    • network infrastructure that enables seamless operation, based on routing clusters and BGP interfacing with multiple connections with carriers for increased availability to the international Internet.
    • uninterrupted system monitoring, in order to perform all necessary upgrades in advance and on time when needed
    • continuous monitoring by our Network Operation Center for prevention and immediate intervention to resolve any predicaments and restore sound processes
    • support and customer service by an experienced, highly trained engineering team
    • implementation of network policies for the optimal use of the provided service and contribution of backup connections, when and where necessary
    • Meticulous application and monitoring of service level agreements (SLAs)
    • Interface and connection with the GR-IX (GReek Internet eXchange)
    • Direct interfacing with LINX (London Internet Exchange) and AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange)