Virtualization allows the creation of virtual IT system infrastructure, in which the natural resources of the equipment (mainly the CPU, memory and storage space) can be distributed to individual virtual machines, operating under the same physical machine. The fully secured isolation and separation of virtual machines ensures their independent and secure operation.

The benefits from implementing virtualization in an IT environment include:

  • Reduced cost of acquisition of new servers
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Centralised and flexible system management
  • Easy transfer of applications between different systems
  • Full exploitation of system resources
  • Flexibility that allows the  increase or decrease of the allocated resources
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced space requirements on the server rack
  • Immediate activation of new applications since there is no hassle to wait for extra new equipment
  • Faster restoration of normal operation in the event of any problem occur
  • Easy and low cost Disaster Recovery deployment with very fast recovery times

Private Cloud

Private Cloud involves instances where it is suitable to apply the infrastructure at the customer's premises, with the source of novel equipment and make use of virtualization technology. Such implementation can offer significant operational benefits, including enhanced hardware utilization, centralised system management, avoidance of additional equipment purchases for each separate corporate application and instantaneous activation of services. It facilitates remote access and contributes radically in the effective implementation of techniques that secure data and restoration after a network failure or disaster. Multiple benefits derived from the reduction of required equipment contributing to power consumption savings, both for the operation of the systems and for ventilation and air-conditioning of the computer room. The solutions we propose include systems for:

    • Server virtualization
    • Desktop virtualization
    • VDI
    • Disaster recovery
    • Cloud Orchestration
    • Cloud billing