Security Policy


DATAWAYS SA (Dataways) founded in Thessaloniki by executives with extensive experience in telecommunications and IT. Investing in knowledge and expertise to provide professional services and products to a loyal and growing customer base, while playing in the field of lead in Northern Greece.

Provides quality services and products, while having as objective the development of innovative applications, expansion of infrastructure and strengthening of partnerships with world-renowned manufacturers.

For this reason, all of us in the company, we recognize the dangers threatening the security of information produced and handled in the context of our business and we have all the necessary resources in order to apply an Information Security Management System according to the international standard ISO 27001:2013.


Information Security is a top priority of DATAWAYS in order to:

  • To ensure the safe keeping, processing and transmission of data over the network and into the cloud.
  • To ensure full compliance by the company with the relevant current legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To protect the interests of the company and those who deal with it and trust for the use and handling of data
  • To ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information produced, received, handled and stored under the network services and cloud.
  • To maximize the reliability of information resources of the company.
  • Protection of computing resources and throughput information services company from any threat, internal or external, deliberate or accidental,
  • Systematic evaluation and assessment of the risks related to safeguard information they hoped to be correct and timely management,
  • Secure development processes and maintenance of applications and IT services
  • Data archiving, avoid viruses and external intrusion, access control systems, recording all security incidents and management of unexpected developments,
  • Continuous updating of the management and staff in information security
  • Control of migrant and exchanged information and data
  • Immediate and effective handling incidents and security breaches
  • Full commitment of the Management Company in the faithful implementation and continuous improvement of ISMS, which complies with the requirements of standard ISO 27001: 2013 as well as all the national and Community legislation.

The Information Security Officer is responsible for controlling and monitoring the operation of the System, and to inform all staff involved in the Information Security Policy.

All staff of the company involved in the activities and procedures described and related to Information Security has the responsibility to implement the policy and the appropriate procedures in respect of their employment. The management and all employees of DATAWAYS committed to achieving the company’s objectives and adhere to the principles in relation to information security.

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