Cyano Cloud Services

With high expertise acquired during our multi-yearsoperation and recognized efficient customer service, Dataways has designed and developed a modern, safe and dynamic Cloud services hosting environment, named Cyano, which is based on state of the art technology. Dataways, has developed solid infrastructure and management environment that allows the provision of high availability services (IaaS, UCaaS, BaaS, DRaaS, DaaS).

The Cloud environment is set up and designed to cover needs of critical applications, uninterrupted corporate operation, data storage and ability to cover Disaster Recovery scenarios. Cyano services are presented in the form of non-overbooked offerings, with high performance / availability and 24x7 monitoring. The noteworthy advantages of our cloud services are as follow:

  • accessibility from any point,
  • professional support by experienced staff and 
  • simplified management environment.

Dataways, provides Cyano services on its privately owned infrastructure, hosted in leading Data Centres in Greece and Switzerland. The Data Centres are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and are in full compliance with the provided procedures for physical & information security (BS 7799/ ISO 27001). Dataways, is also certified for Cyano Cloud and ISP services, with ISO 27001:2013.

Dataways setup, was designed specifically for the provision of managed services and operates under the supervision of an experienced team of engineers on a 24x7x365 model. The engineers' team is specialized and accredited on many levels, such as Database engineers, Cisco certified network engineers (CCNA’s, CCNP’s), Unix/Linux experts, Citrix and VMware certified engineers. Enterprise level support is provided, while the IaaS services operation is covered by SLAs of very high availability.

VirtualDataCenter / IaaS

Running their operation on the Cyano Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model, users can access virtual servers and network resources covering fully their ad hoc requirements. The facility is provided for a monthly fee, enabling clients, however, to configure the services according to their exact requirements.

The significant advantage of Cloud computing is that it is a multi-dimensional solution that minimizes traditional acquisition costs, as at the end, clients pay the precise usage, while at the same time they ensure high availability, versatility and safety on much more favorable terms.

Our offering and service is controlled by Cloud Control Panel, while the supported operating systems are Windows, Linux (RH, SLES, Debian, CentOS) or FreeBSD. Dataways, is a Microsoft SPLA Volume Licensing Partner and can provide licenses of the respective Microsoft products for a monthly fee.


(Backup as a Service)

The traditional off-site backup method with the use of tapes, which reassures operational continuity (Disaster Recovery), has often proved to be expensive and ineffective when required.

Dataways cooperates with leading hardware and software manufacturers and can propose various solutions to cover this need, thus off-site data backup, depending on the Disaster Recovery Policy of the company. The data is kept safe in the Cyano infrastructure and can be retrieved whenever necessary.


(Unified Communications as a Service)

This is our offering that exempts the company from the need to retain a PBX system in its premises. Additionally, it assists an entity to avoid:

    • operational, maintenance and/or customization costs.
    • the employment of specialized staff
    • the preservation of backup equipment for high availability

The service embraces a variety of communication tools and allows the company to increase productivity by utilizing its options, which are:

    • Video conferencing
    • Multiparty onDemand or MeetMe conferencing
    • User state and availability update (Presence)
    • Media rich chat option with Group chat ability
    • Desktop sharing
    • Voice Mail
    • Auto Attendant
    • Onsite call signaling redundancy

The service is based on the solid Dataways Cyano infrastructure and is provided via safe private VPN connections. It presents a reliable and efficient solution for the communication needs a modern company may have. Moreover, it is an inexpensive model compared to the investment required for the purchase of the collaboration suite within the company premises.

The monthly fee model is proportionate to the exact current requirements, it provides flexibility and adaptability and it involves updated infrastructure and excellent support from our side. Our experienced technical team shares great expertise on UC infrastructure, offering another major reason for selecting this service.

DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

In modern IT integrated designs, it is necessary for the IT department to take into consideration the case of handling serious damage that may affect or interrupt the corporate operation with harmful impact. One of the crucial questions in this case is how and to what extent the company’s operation can continue until the problems created are restored. Disaster Recovery services provide the solution in such cases, so that companies utilizing them may keep resources and data copies in remote sites, and thus restore their operation in the desired time, safely and use it as long as they need to.

The service can be configured and set up according to specific needs, can take into consideration the exact equipment the final customer operates in house and which ones they would like to cooperate with the Cyano infrastructure.


(Desktop as a Service)

By using DaaS, the corporate desktops are operationally transferred from Local network to the appropriate Cyano infrastructure, minimizing the need of local management and of the continuous renewal of equipment, without, however, any compromise in total performance. The applications operate and receive support over the web with the maximum security, reliability and connection speed, while the addition and removal of users is a straightforward process.

Migration Services

The considerable penetration of cloud services, create the need for safe and reliable transfer of resources from the corporate LAN to the potential cloud infrastructure. For this reason, based on its valuable years of experience, Dataways has developed a specific methodology for migration to its infrastructure, depending on the individual characteristics that every project conveys. For the same reason, specialized tools and technologies are used, as appropriate.