By applying our extensive experience and know-how, Dataways, can propose the most suitable solution for implementing IT and communications infrastructure at the customer's premises. In any case, the proposed hardware equipment is developed by global leading manufacturers in order to ensure efficient operation with up to date technology.

Implementation may include interfacing with existing systems for maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness, as well as cooperation with infrastructures located in public networks, for maximum availability and accessibility.

The solutions we propose include:

  • Storage Systems
  • Server infrastructure
    • Virtualization
    • DR systems
    • Security systems
    • Network Infrastructure (Wired and Wireless)
    • Collaboration systems

Private Cloud

Private Cloud involves instances where it is suitable to apply the infrastructure at the customer's premises, with the source of novel equipment and make use of virtualization technology. Such implementation can offer significant operational benefits, including enhanced hardware utilization, centralised system management, avoidance of additional equipment purchases for each separate corporate application and instantaneous activation of services. It facilitates remote access and contributes radically in the effective implementation of techniques that secure data and restoration after a network failure or disaster. Multiple benefits derived from the reduction of required equipment contributing to power consumption savings, both for the operation of the systems and for ventilation and air-conditioning of the computer room. The solutions we propose include systems for:

    • Server virtualization
    • Desktop virtualization
    • VDI
    • Disaster recovery
    • Cloud Orchestration
    • Cloud billing

Data Centre Equipment

The specifications of the proposed equipment furnish it with reliability, flexibility, scalability and the ability to collaborate with other systems that either already exist or will be provided to complete the requirements of a particular project. The final choice is determined based on its desired performance, the technologies involved and its options to interconnect with other systems. Other critical factors influencing the choice are the ease of management, the manufacturer’s total support and cost of ownership.

In order to ensure maximum availability and the customer's seamless operation, the proposed solutions include backup systems, cooperation with specialised corporate storage systems as well as implementations oriented to continue operation, even in the event of disasters.

Key success factors include the cabling infrastructure, the existence of uninterrupted power supply, appropriate site air-conditioning and physical security. The solutions we propose include systems for:

  • Datacenter Unified Switching
  • Unified storage systems
  • Blade Server Systems
  • Datacenter Virtualization