iNODE Connectware

Originated and developed in DATAWAYS' R&D department, the iNODE software provides full coverage of corporate network applications. iNODE's integrated environment brings together in one, functions and applications that replace expensive and complex IT solutions. The iNODE proposition offers:

  • Inter-connectivity services
  • The most widely used network applications
  • The required security for user access and data protection.

iNODE Website

iNODE enhances connectivity options, providing a high level of security, while allowing the creation of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) connecting anyone from anywhere.

It is a web-based application platform, supported uniformly and get continuously enriched with new features and characteristics. Replacing the function of a set of software applications and devices, iNODE assists the small and medium-sized enterprises, to save considerable operational and financial resources, while proving very cost-effective practise in larger entities.

The system has the possibility to use an Active Directory or LDAP Directory to authenticate end user IDs while it can host entire LDAP Directory acting as full featured LDAP server.

The system's basic platform includes services for Routing, QoS, dynDNS, DHCP Server, NTP Server, DNS Server, Firewall, LDAP Server. These services are optionally extended with additional functions, such as Email server, Email Content Filtering, VPN server, File server, Print Server, Fax server, Web Caching Proxy, Web Filtering. The iNODE services are provided as a software solution in a Physical or Virtual appliance but also in the form of monthly cloud service.

File Server

The File Server module, allows file sharing with access control and assignment of user rights to each user/group. Each shared folder allows the definition of access rights thereto by network users or user groups. The system can operate as a windows domain controller or an Active Directory Member Server.

Its features include:

  • User Quota limitations
  • User home directory
  • On access antivirus scanning (optional)
  • WINS Server
  • Net LOGON scripts
  • Roaming Profiles
  • Support for FTP, SFTP and FTPS that follows defined user rights

Fax Server

The Fax Server module, has been designed for wide usage in network environments, for sending and receiving fax messages. It supports multiple lines for sending and receiving faxes, which can be assigned to specific network users. Fax receipt and sending allows the definition of an automatic routing policy, based on the sender or recipient. Incoming faxes can either be routed as attachments to email recipients, automatically saved in File server folders or be automatically printed on network printers.

A key feature of the solution is the application of archiving and fax protocol, which automatically registers, categorises and classifies the incoming and outgoing content. It supports all popular fax modems (class 1.2 and 2.0), Dialogic ISDN, and the operation of FAX over IP (H323/T.38). Faxes can be sent through any Windows application, via the fax printer driver. There is no restriction as to the number of fax lines. Furthermore, there is no additional cost for the use of T.38 Fax over IP feature. The T.38 system is certified for Cisco and Panasonic IP telephony systems.

Proxy Caching Server

The iNODE Proxy Caching Server feature allows access control to internet web sites and accelerates user experience through local Web Caching. It saves IP transit bandwidth, while allowing the tracking of corporate usage. The IT Administrator can define access policies, set criteria based on the time/moment of request, user or user group names and the requested URL. The IT Admin can also define policies for bandwidth management and availability, based on the same criteria.

The system allows the creation of access reports by user or IP. It also supports Proxy forwarding policy, in a proxy hierarchies structure. In Active Directory environments, it allows NTLM authentication.

Proxy server supported features include:

    • Web Caching
    • Transparent proxying
    • Proxy Authentication
    • WPAD PAC file creation
    • Proxy scheduled prefetching
    • Proxy forwarding

Backup and DR Services

To ensure maximum data protection, iNODE offers a backup procedure, which reserves and stores backups of the system configuration but also the applications activated on the iNODE system. In this way, it allows recovery from the most recent backup after any contingency. It also allows the synchronisation of the File Server files with remote systems, for the replication of local-only changes at regular intervals (File Replication Services).

Security Services

iNODE is designed to defend the security of the networks it interconnects. Given the nature of the Internet and the interconnection of corporate networks thereto, the iNODE security services (Firewall, VPN, Content Filtering, Proxy Server) ensure the smooth operation of the corporate network, preventing cyber attacks. The versatile and multifaceted protection offered by iNODE includes:

    • Stateful firewall filtering
    • URL Filtering (optional)
    • File Server malware protection (optional)
    • Web Content Filtering (optional)
    • Email Content Filtering (optional)
    • Secure VPN using IPSec, L2TP (optional)
    • NAT, PAT
    • SMTP/POP3 inspection (optional)
    • Ping flood protection
    • TCP syn DoS protection
    • Brute Force attack protection
    • NUK attack for NETBIOS
    • Throttling ICMP & TCP syn rate
    • Application control
    • Transparent application proxies
    • Reverse path filtering

A network’s security can be maximised with the integration of additional technologies and iNODE features such as Email Antivirus, File Server Antivirus, VPN, Proxy URL and Web Filtering can provide further assistance.

Advisory services

Acknowledging the needs for an ever-closer collaboration with its clients and for integrated services, Dataways offers advisory services, aiming to address actual needs, minimise risk, increase efficiency and functionality, scalability and cost-effectiveness, while developing a relationship of mutual trust.