Dataways Cyano Cloud BaaS - Off Site Data Protection

  • Cyano Cloud BaaS - Concentrate on your work without worrying about data loss.

    Our Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a powerful option that helps you protect your data off site and restore compromised data from backups.

    With industry-leading customer support, our team of passionate and highly experienced engineers, are ready to guide you through the setup of the service and provide you a consistent and efficient support, of high quality, whenever and wherever you need us.

     Cyano Cloud BaaS offers:

    • Ease of use: Cyano BaaS procedure – after the initial set up – is automated and designed to make your life easier. The IT stuff don’t have to proactively save and label the data.
    • Redundancy: Cyano Cloud BaaS can offer multiple levels of redundancy. If your business data is lost or accidentally deleted through user errors, ready to be deployed backups are easily-located, managed and available to restore.
    • Protection: Stored in our state-of-the-artCyano Cloud infrastructure your data is safe, encrypted and not prone to typical threats of hacking attacks, natural disasters and user errors.
    • Cost Efficiency: Cyano BaaS is considerably less expensive than the cost of servers, tape drives, IT labor and/or other elements that are needed to perform backups.

     Your business backup data are safely stored in our Data Centers which are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and are in full compliance with the provided procedures for physical & information security (BS 7799/ ISO 27001). Dataways, is also certified for Cyano Cloud with ISO 27001:2013.

     Dataways is a Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) with many years of experience, and in combination with our excellent infrastructure, we can provide to your business state-of-the-art protection for its data and applications.

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